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                    廣告剩余 剩余秒可跳過廣告 跳過廣告

                    First case report on high-quality development of Belt & Road Initiative released in Beijing

                    2020/11/19 13:22:22
                    來源:People's Daily Online

                    The First Case Report on High-quality Development of Belt & Road Initiative Launch was held at the New Media Center of People’s Daily on Oct. 25.

                    The First Case Report on High-quality Development of Belt & Road Initiative was released by People’s Daily on Oct. 25, which highlights the 14-year history of the China Energy Investment Corporation (China Energy) Guohua Indonesia Thermal Power Projects, and taps into the connotation and universality of the “symbiosis model” theory, which is a fruit of practice.

                    The Case Report presents a physical case for reference, replication, and popularization by Chinese enterprises engaged in fulfilling the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

                    Zhao Jiaming, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of People’s Daily, delivers a speech at the launch ceremony on?Oct.?25, 2020.

                    Zhao Jiaming, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of People’s Daily, expressed in his speech that President Xi Jinping put forward the BRI seven years ago, which opened up a new chapter for the world’s economic growth, set up a new platform for international trade and investment, explored new practices for reinforcing global economic governance, and made new contributions to enhance the well-being of the public of all countries.

                    Energy cooperation is a priority sector in the joint pursuit of the BRI, state-owned enterprises represented by China Energy have shouldered responsibilities and forged ahead with determination. Significant contributions have been made in strengthening the connectivity of energy infrastructure, increasing cooperation in the exploration and development of traditional energy resources, and actively promoting cooperation in clean and renewable energy. He further addressed that the news media are also active participants and promoters of the BRI cooperation as they shoulder the mission of advocating the stories and spirit of the Silk Road. Since the year 2014, People’s Daily has held the Media Cooperation Forum on Belt and Road on a yearly basis, which engages more than 200 media from over 100 countries. The First Case Report on High-quality Development of Belt & Road Initiative launched by People’s Daily Digital Communication probes into the successful practice of China Energy in Indonesia, rendering significant implications on advocating the stories and cooperation of the Silk Road. Oriented by projects, practice and development, the Case Report highlights prominence to the concept of the BRI cooperation, provides reference, and conveys power and confidence for cooperation.

                    Liu Guoyue, President of China Energy, delivers a speech.

                    President of China Energy Liu Guoyue said in his speech that China Energy actively participates in advancing the BRI, strengthens all-round international cooperation, and allies with China’s energy industrial chain in “Going Global.” In the construction of Indonesian projects, China Energy and its partners have carved out an international development path based on the “symbiosis” model in the spirit of “win-win, multi-win, and all-win.” He emphasized that China Energy will uphold the development concept of “innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing,” adhere to the principle of “extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits,” and take the initiative in joining the new “dual-cycle” development pattern. Through endeavors in pragmatic cooperation, complementing advantages, innovative development, and improving people’s livelihood, China Energy will work together with countries and enterprises along the “Belt & Road” in seeking mutual development and enhancing connectivity of the BRI energy infrastructure, contributing a due share in achieving high-quality development while building a community with a shared future for mankind.

                    Xu Tao, President of People’s Daily Digital Communication, releases the case report on?Oct.?25, 2020.

                    The People’s Daily Digital Communication, as the publisher of the Case Report, has been the pioneer of People’s Daily in digital delivery. The launch of such reports marks a concrete effort in “expanding the coverage of regions, people and content.” Xu Tao, President of People’s Daily Digital Communication, introduced that the Case Report takes China Energy as the case subject, outlines the five development processes of Guohua Indonesia Project - origin, construction, rooting, growth, and flourishment, and extracts a symbiosis model based on the “symbiosis” of nine aspects - strategy, interest, quality, technology, talents, people’s livelihood, industry, ecology and culture. The ultimate goal is to achieve an all-round symbiosis that transcends the original goals set for projects. The Case Report pointed out that nowadays, more and more enterprises are embarking on the journey of internationalization in response to the BRI, and the “symbiosis” model of China Energy provides a dynamic reference that is of practical significance.

                    Djauhari Oratmangun, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to China delivers a video speech.

                    In his video speech, Djauhari Oratmangun, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to China, expressed gratitude to the extensive cooperation accomplished by China Energy in Indonesia over the past few years, which has contributed to the development in Indonesia. He pointed out that, “the bilateral relations of the two countries have embarked on a fast lane of growth in many areas of cooperation particularly in trade, tourism, and investment, and Indonesia attaches great importance of the spirit of cooperation and collaboration with China. In 2018, presidents of both countries reached an important consensus on promoting synergy between China’s BRI with Indonesia’s Global Maritime Fulcrum Vision. Indonesia welcomes Chinese investors to invest in other priority sectors, namely mining, manufacturing, health and infrastructure, and wishes that the Indonesia-China cooperation will grow stronger and deeper in various areas, together creating a model of cooperation which contributes to the development of both countries and its peoples.”

                    Wei Xiaowei, Deputy Director of International Cooperation Department, National Energy Administration, delivers a speech.

                    Wei Xiaowei, Deputy Director of International Cooperation Department, National Energy Administration, pointed out that international energy cooperation is a crucial part of the major country diplomacy with Chinese characteristics, a top priority in advancing the BRI, and a vital means to safeguard national energy security. Indonesia is a major country among ASEAN countries that advances the BRI. At present, China is drafting the “14th Five-Year” energy development plan, which highlights the development of clean energy and its efficient use. China is willing to enhance policy, infrastructure, trade, financial and people-to-people connectivity with Indonesian partners, deepen all-round energy cooperation, benefit the economic development and people’s well-being of the two countries, and jointly promote sustainable global energy development while maintaining global energy security.

                    Liu Fuguang, Deputy Director of Bureau of Publicity, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC), delivers a speech.

                    Liu Fuguang, Deputy Director of Bureau of Publicity under SASAC, expressed that in recent years, state-owned enterprises have served as the pacesetters in advancing the high-quality BRI, and have undertaken more than 3,400 major engineering projects in countries along the “Belt & Road,” facilitating high-quality allocation of industries, economic growth and cultural integration with high-quality cooperation, products and services. The state-owned enterprises that have gone global are outstanding Chinese enterprises representing the dominant production capacity of China, offering valuable practices worthy of in-depth summary and active referral. The state-owned enterprises will work with the mass media, think tanks, experts and organizations in advocating the corporate stories and spreading the voice of China to the world, empowering world-class enterprises to embark on a new journey while writing a new chapter of high-quality development of the BRI.

                    Roundtable dialogue session

                    In the roundtable dialogue session, Wang Shumin, Executive Vice President of China Energy, Rukmini Tri Setiati, Minister Counsellor of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in China, Fan Yongchang, expert of the Advisory Group of Beijing Association for the Promotion of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, and Liu Xiangdong, Deputy Director of Department of Economic Research, China Center for International Economic Exchanges, initiated exchanges on three keywords - “symbiosis,” “change,” “sustainability,” The roundtable dialogue was hosted by Song Mingxia, Vice President of People’s Daily China Digital Economy Institute.

                    Wang Shumin pointed out that, under the matchmaking framework between China’s BRI and Indonesia’s Global Maritime Fulcrum Vision, China Energy bears “country, honor, responsibility” in mind, shouldering “safety, quality, efficiency” while “going out” to seek development in the world. The corporation transcends the original value and investment return set for projects, seeks to maximize the interests of all parties, and abandons a zero-sum game in cooperation. By thinking and doing ahead of the project partners and all related parties, aiming to be a global state-of-the-art power station that is the top in Indonesia, China Energy has attained achievements for both parties, and achieved “co-cultivation and symbiosis” and sustainable development.

                    The guests believed that, since China put forward the BRI seven years ago, more countries and international organizations have joined the partner circle of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits. China and Indonesia have engaged in close cooperation across the economic and trade field, gaining fruitful achievements. China Energy took a firm stand in practicing the internationalization strategy, adopted the international development path based on the symbiosis model in the matchmaking between China’s BRI and Indonesia’s Global Maritime Fulcrum Vision, and built a community with a shared future with the local society. In doing so, the concept of symbiosis is being fostered, which breeds a win-win outcome with the “symbiosis” model. Featuring a wide range of applications, strong feasibility and operability, and a natural “win-win” attribute, the “symbiosis” model provides a dynamic reference for Chinese enterprises under the way of going out, which is of practical significance.?


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